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Tricks and Treats from BHM

Posted by Bass Head Music (BHM) on October 31, 2015 at 2:30 PM Comments comments (3)

It's officially Halloween 2015 and the homies at Bass Head Music are hooking up all you BassHeads with some major flavor for that musical sweet tooth.

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Besides a brand new music video "Kicking The Can" featuring Insane LOC, the entire new Death & Destruction LP is available for FREE DOWLOAD at

( )

How cool is that shit?!?! Go there and fill your digital candy bag with all the BHM flavor you can handle this Halloween. But remember share some with your homies too ya bish!

Happy Halloween BassHeads!


Walkin in The Dark With EGO by BLOG ZOMBIE

Posted by Bass Head Music (BHM) on October 1, 2015 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)

EGO and the rest of the BHM crew have teamed up to give us some visuals for "Walkin in The Dark" off thier new album. Check it out and share with friends!

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It seems that the EGO is on the verge of losing his mind and himself in the darkness and violence. This is a true zombie anthem for real life for real struggles. The simple grimey black and white video footage gives off a dark mood just in time for Halloween and zombie season. Press play and start celebrating Halloween early this year! 


Bass Head Music Interviews Magicfingaz

Posted by Bass Head Music (BHM) on September 15, 2015 at 6:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Q: Where are you from?

A. I was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI

Q. How did you get into rapping?

A. I actually started off as an RnB singer. But back in October of 1998 I joined a group called " The Affiliation " and they were all rappers leaving me no room to record. So I tried rapping to get more studio time. Time passed and I started rapping so much that ppl forgot I'm originally an RnB singer.

Q: What do you think of the music scene in milwaukee?

A. I think the Milwaukee music scene sucks. There's too much talent and not enough support. Radio hosts and DJs are quick to shout out and rep out of town artists. As soon as you mention Milwaukee...the support goes away. As long as you're NOT from Milwaukee you get paid. It's almost as if success don't exist til you leave.

Q: Who is your biggest influence in the rap game?

A. My biggest influence in the rap Game is T.I (Because of his success, DRAKE (because of his flow & ability to rap and sing) and 50 CENT (because of what he been through).

Q: What can everybody expect from you in the near future?

A. In the near future you can expect to see me EVERYWHERE. I'm a singer, rapper, writer, producer, engineer, designer and tattoo artist. So I definitely plan on having my hand in everything possible.

Q. Q: Who would you like to collab with? (dead or alive)

A. I'd like to collab with T.I, DRAKE, R. KELLY and JAMIE FOX ... and NICKI

Q. Is there anything you'd like to share that we haven't touched on?

A. I write and produce my own music. I write about real life...a lot of ppl think MagicmanMusic is my label. It's actually my own genre. I don't like being put in a category....I like all music. If they stopped all record deals I'd still do music everyday. It's my passion. I was born ready for music...this is me. I just got a story to tell and before I leave this earth ... the WORLD will know who Magicfingaz is.

Magicfingz is really a true master of trades. From singing, rapping, writing, producing, and much more he has the skill and ambitious attitude that guarantees success. I wouldn't be surprised to see him collabing with some of the biggest names out there in the near future and even tattooing them. Magicfingaz is that dude simply put. He is paving his own lane and making a name for himself in the big world. Say you heard it here first BassHeads.



Instagram @MGKFNGZ

Bass Head Music Interviews Jay-Real'a

Posted by Bass Head Music (BHM) on September 13, 2015 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Q: Where are you from?

A: Gary,Indiana.

Q: How did you get into rapping?

A: Watching my homie big brother rap, inspired me to want to become a rap artist.

Q: What make you different from other rappers?

A: Just being yourself will always set you apart from other's.

Q: Who is your biggest influence in the music scene?

A: T.I. "Hustle Gang" big dawg!

Q: What can everybody expect from you in the near future?

A: A fresh edition to what the rap game's been missing.

Q: Is there anything you'd like to share that we haven't touched on?

A: That should be a good take of the tale ... Until next time Rap Heads #much luv & #Respect!

Jay-Real'a doesn't just have creativity & solid skill he knows how to verbalize his style and connect with people. He is on the rise in Milwaukee and making it a habbit of releasing great music to his fans. Check out his music and get involved!



Beware of The Underground Monsters

Posted by Bass Head Music (BHM) on September 12, 2015 at 11:55 AM Comments comments (1)



This is huge mixtape project for the underground. The UNDERGROUND MONSTERS MIXTAPE is featuring Mickey Avalon, Tech N9NE, Bass Head Music, Swollen Members, Supreme Villain, CASHIS, Illest Uminati, Aileron, A-O, Intrinzik, Hiway, SPINZ, DIRTY DOC and more!

Recently announced collab for the project was a song called "FUCCBOI" from Bass Head Music Ft. Madchild & Tech N9ne! The song is an instant underground classic off BHM's upcoming 2016 album (XEROXXX) that'll only be available first on the UGH Madchild Underground Monsters mixtape.

If your rudy poo candy asses can handle such flavor be sure to snag your copy when it's available.





Bass Head Music Interviews Brotherz Grimm

Posted by Bass Head Music (BHM) on September 12, 2015 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (1)

Q. Where is Brotherz Grimm from?

(Brian Ez) - A. Ireland aka the Emerald Isle, got that green in us 100% green blood, green bud and and the adduide of two green eyed monsters with rhymes that turn you green with envy.

Q. How did Brotherz Grimm form?

(Brian Ez) - A. We started off in many groups that we formed back it the day, went from one to another and the work was always there and put in but nothing ever lasted cus shit always happens, someone drops so stop and some go but who was always there from start to finish has being me and my brother(Paulie PunchEz) were blood so that can't ever stop us from doing what we do, we rocked by ourselfs for years when things kept crashing and burning and dos our own thing not giving a fuck and it's stands to show cus we have so much martial to release and we still sitting on a lot of this..while we still work away to this day as brothers grimm we still got our group project that still on the side that we defintaly always be there for certain this time because the fountain of that has being strong for years but we're taking the work slow on that album and it's crazy as fuck! The group is called Virus Of The mind which is mainly just me(Ez Craven) my brother (Paulie PunchEz) and my brother from another mother (Jak Of All TradEz) and we got a few homies that gonna jump on a few tracks too, and we got the overseas crew Sludge Asylum that we starting a lot of work with this year coming so shout outs to Insane Loc and the whole Sludge Asylum Crew !!!!! but that's basically it to explain from the point we started to where we are now in my view.

(Paul Ez) - A. We started a group with a friend when we were teenagers called Audio Terrorists. After years of various names we settled with brotherz Grimm.

Q. What seperates you from other groups?

(Brian Ez) - A. What separates us is the fact we're two brothers that have the same minds but with two different unique styles for examples different flows,but our process to do things is pretty similar so you know our work together is constant energy and the delivery is always gonna be on point cus we feed off eachother. Mostly every track that's being done when recording solo or in the group we've both being there. Kinda has to be in a way because Paulie is the Producer, as well and being an incredible lyricist his beats are the exact same because there both prefection. No one is fucking with the bars that we drop in lyrics right now, our underground music is like finding a diamond the size of a fist if you into that underground witty, grimey, smartass thug style fuck you and your bitch hip hop! There ain't no holds barred on what we say or drop and we never disagree with eachother on that, we have eachothers backs on that sense day one!

(Paul Ez) - A. We give nothing less than 100℅. I see a lot of rappers these days dropping albums and mixtapes within months of each other and it sounds rushed. We make music for hip hop fans and we are hip hop fans and always will be, so its music we'd like to hear too.

Q. What can everybody expect from you in the near future?

(Brian Ez) - A. A lot of dope music for sure, just listen to some of our old albums and you'll get the vibes and you never know you might be hooked after one listen to one album. And if you ain't I don't really give a shit you could just move onto something else but we gonna keep making music the way we like it ain't ever gonna change or stop. We've being shown nothing but love from a lot of places for what we do and if it goes further than that and more and more can catch on mabye we can perform at places we never would imagine someday and trust me it would be a show. Right now we've just finished up a new album which is gonna drop pretty soon within the next few weeks called Brotherz Grimm - Hell Is To Close To Turn Back (And even though we've put out one album together before as far as we concerned this will be our first proper release because we were only 16 and 17 when that first album dropped (Broherz Grimm - Death Collectors, which is still dope for the time) and as you know style any style has to progress not go backwards so what you getting this time trust me is the Brotherz Grimm with no fucking around) takes you through some twisted rhymes but you gonna wanna have to skip back the tracks over and over to get some of these bars.

(Paul Ez) - A. Dope music. Sharp lyrics and production. We will always do our thing regardless, its our therapy.

Q. If you could collab with anybody who would it be? (dead or alive)

(Brian Ez) - A. Good question, I have so many I could think of but basically the ones that stand out right now is (alive) Necro, Jus Allah, Nems, Onyx And Spit Gemz, lot of others too plus we got a lot of work with many artists that ive always respected and enjoyed there music like Insane Loc (by the way he's one of only two features on our new album together so shout outs to the locster) and we gettin a lot done with all our homies in The Sludge Asylum Crew in the next few months on top of all our work here overseas.

(Paul Ez) - A. I have to go with Onyx on that one. They were a massive influence on us.

Q. How do yall stay motivated, what makes you motivated and what are things that inspire you to keep working hard?

(Brian Ez) - A. Firstly its the love for our music we make because we're making shit we wanna hear and I know it just ain't us because a lot of motherfuckers wanna hear it besides us. We're doing it our way and our way seems to be the way a lot could wish they could do it or say it our work never stops we have being doing what we do and will continue to do so just like we always have even if there was a population of ten just listening to the music but fortunate for us we have more than that which is good and a start somewhere until a time comes I hope the music is recognised all over and considered a rare gem in the distance future.

(Paul Ez) - A. I keep myself motivated. If I go along time without making a beat of writing a verse I get annoyed at myself. What keeps me inspired is other rapper out there in a similar position as us,making dope shit while the worst rappers in history are on the TV and radio. Eventually Rap will come full circle again.

Q.Would yall like to say anything that we haven't touched on?

(Brian Ez) - A. Yeah we got plenty of shit that will be brought to the table of hip hop from past to the future and if you wanna sit down at our table of hip hop your welcome to join and grab a plate and dig into the the meal on our table and have a feast with the beasts and thank you to my brother for being the biggest inspiration and motivation for keeping me going and getting me back on track with music and keeping my head straight as much as he can though life. Both of us just wanna say thank you to our loving family who support us through everything from day 1 until now, and our friends who supported us from day one, you know who you are.....peace out

(Paul Ez) - A. Not really, but I'd like to give a shout out to Insane LOC and all the Sludge Asylum peeps, my family and friends for being there when we needed em most and anyone who supports us and will support us in the future. Thanks for the interview.

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Bass Heads simply put there are no holds barred with these guys. Real lyrics real production and a deadly duo adds up to some real dope music. Grab a plate and dig into the styles of Brotherz Grimm and all that they bring to the hiphop dinner table! -BLOG ZOMBIE

Bass Head Music Interviews Sinderrella

Posted by Bass Head Music (BHM) on September 9, 2015 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (0)

Q. Where are you from?

A. I'm from Great Falls, Montana... Shout out to GFunk & all the 406NESS! That's my HOME, but LA is my CITY... I've been here 10yrs.

Q. When did you start your music career?

A.  I started Rapping and MCing around Dec 2006, so next yr marks 10yrs for me. But music all together I'd have to say when I was in 4th grade... I started drumming and continued 8yrs all through High School.

Q. Who were some of your musical influences?

A. Whew, so many influences honestly... Tupac, Eminem, Lauryn Hill, DMX, Salt N Pepa, Outkast, Nas, Ice Cube, Ludacris, MC Lyte. I could go on, each Artist has unique components to learn from as a student.

Q. Who has been on your playlist?

A. Do you mean lately or all time?

Q. Lately.

A. Ok cuz you can tell that I'm a 90s HipHop head, but as far as Artists out lately... I'm def bumpin Kendrick and J. Cole, as well as some B.O.B, Joey Badass, Drake, Big Sean, Tyga, Dej Loaf, MGK and just recently got turned on to Yelawolf's new album. It's dope! Plus Im loving Luda's new music & the whole Strange Music movement right now too. That's Tech N9ne's label.

Q. What can everyone expect from Sinderrella in the near future?

A. Well right now I'm currently working on my 2nd Mixtape which will be the 1st NEW music I've dropped in 4yrs so expect alot of growth from the last one. I'm also working on my 1st EP, as well as lining up my 1st Music Video which is exciting. I also have several collab concept albums with different Artists that are all in different stages of progress. All awhile I'm performing randomly but consistently so people can plug into social media to find out when/where ... Anywhere from LA to NY.

Q. Is there anything you'd like to say that we haven't touched on?

A. Not really, I think I covered it. Oh, I guess I could mention I'm writing a book on my life... I mean, I stay busy Wit Music(Not to mention Hosting, Modeling, Acting, & Public Speaking which all take a chunk of my time as well) but I feel the book is necessary for people to understand who I am. I don't make sense, I get that... and unless you really know what all I've encountered in life I might not ever make sense... But Im real & this is me. So Im working on squeezing the book in when I can and hope it gives insight. If you like what I'm about f***s wit me.

Bass Heads look no further. Sinderrella is making waves from L.A. to all over the rest of the country with her raps and overall hustle! Besides rapping she's writing a book on her life which I'm looking forward too. Get wise and check her out today!



[email protected]

[email protected]

FBMusicPg: Sinderrella

A Taste Of Death and Destruction From BHM by BLOG ZOMBIE

Posted by Bass Head Music (BHM) on September 4, 2015 at 10:30 PM Comments comments (0)

The Death & Destruction sampler is exactly what it sounds like death & destruction in a sample form. The Death & Destrucion LP drops October 31st but before the album drops the BHM crew has blessed the bass head universe with a sampler of all the wicked flavors that be. With agressive raps by Alter Ego & mean production courtesy of BeatMasterLee, JT OnTheBeatZ & Damien Finley, the Sampler gives you glimpses dark & twisted tunes like “Knockl Knock” featuring Playboy The Beast (PTB)
and a dope remake on ICP's & Old Dirty Bastard's "Bitches" featuring the son of ODB Young Dirty Bastard.

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With A Dark message of police brutality in “Shots”, going insane on “Kicking The Can” with Insane Loc, and the zombie anthem “Walkin In The Dark”. This sampler gives you a look into some wild tracks on the up and coming Death & Destruction LP. Taking the signature BHM bass heavy production and adding murder and chaos into a seven minute promo mix the sampler will leave you with a taste of darkness that will last to halloween day! 

All in all bass heads the more i listen to this sampler the more i cant wait till the album drops. Bump this shit, share it with friends and get ready because Death & Destruction is coming October 31st Halloween Day!


A RadiOctave Interview With Taiyamo Denku by BLOG ZOMBIE

Posted by Bass Head Music (BHM) on August 31, 2015 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Q. The new album is great. What inspired the RadiOctave project?

A. I've actually talked about RadiOctave for 3-4 years but when me and Dcypha teamed up it changed direction. The inspiration is definately my 90s drive of hiphop.

Q. What would you say is the concept of the album and how do you want it perceived?

A. Basically the Idea of the album is that the music is to hiphop for the radio.

Q. Where was this album recorded at?

A. All my parts recorded at my home studio which is also where I mixed and mastered it "Denku's Garden".

Q. What was your thought process when picking beats out from Dcypha?

A. I wanted that true boombap feel. And Dcypha definately specializes in that but my producer is very versatile.

Q. Is CyphaDenMusic the foundation for future projects?

A. CyphaDenMusic is the Team and future of Taiyamo Denku, definitely.

Q. Where do people go to buy this dope album?

A. Well its on itunes, amazon, every digital outlet. Or Or Exclusive Company in Milwaukee.

Q. Is there anything you'd like to say that we havent touched on?

A. Just Prepare for the future. CyphaDenMusic will continue to show fans and people that HIP HOP LIVES.

The radio can't handle this album but you can BassHeads! Do yourself a favor and snag a copy of RadiOctave today.


Bass Head Music Interviews Windy City Music

Posted by Bass Head Music (BHM) on June 6, 2015 at 1:05 PM Comments comments (1)

Q. Where is WCM from?

A. SICC: Im from Southside Chicago

A. SDP: I was born in McHenry, Il

Q. How did you all link up together?

A. SICC: Just a group of homies with the same goals and drive to do big things.

A. SDP: Through music. We ended up knowing some of the same people and liked eachothers music so we started doing shows together. As time went on a few people dropped off and me and Sicc decided to start a group because of all the positive feedback we were getting on the songs we did together. And then our homies Quiz & Sean joined the team and we been killin shit as WCM ever since!

Q. Who are some of the musical influences on yall?

A. SICC: Rittz , Yelawolf , Potluck ,KMK, Twiztid & more have been huge influences.. but i do have alot ...

A. SDP: 3. Twista, Tech N9ne, Anybody Killa, Rittz, Yo Gotti, Lil Wyte, 3-6 Mafia, Twiztid, Do or Die, Liquid Assassin & a bunch others.

Q. Whats can we expect from WCM crew in 2015?


A. SDP: 4. DOPE SHIT! Music Videos, Tours, New Music, World Domination! (Lol).

Q. What is your favorite strain of marijuana?

A. SICC: Girl Scout Cookies

A. SDP: Headband

Q. Is it true WCM will be performing at the 2015 GOTJ?

A. SICC: YES , we will be at gotj this year!! With our proud sponsor ILOVEPOT CLOTHING.. come say whats up at the vendor section for dope apperal!!!

A. SDP: 6. YEP! We'll be turning up w/ out clothing sponsor I LOVE POT & putting on a super Dope & Wild performance for our Juggalo family this year. With our pre party/smoke out at the I Love Pot/WCM booth starting at 3pm Friday afternoon and going until & after our performance. This is one event the fans don't wanna miss!

Q. Lastly you gotta fuck one marry one and collab with one, Iggy Azalea, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj?

A. SICC: 7. Id get a hook from miley and pay the other 2 bitches to go away

A. SDP: 7. Haha thats an easy 1. Id fuck Miley, Marry & Collab with Nicki, and get security to throw out Iggy

Check these guys out Bass Heads you will thank us later !!!




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